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2 Weeks in Education – November 24th 2014

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FFT Governor e-learning tool

10 tips to tackle disablist language based bullying in school – A guide for staff

Governor Thoughtnightly – Learning and Training Ideas for Governors

12 new Social Mobility Champions

New Children’s Commissioner appointed

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[1] DfE
[1.1]  DfE Education Funding Agency
[2] Education Committee

[3] Ofsted
[3.1] Ofsted in the news
[4] Ofqual
[5] School Admissions and Exclusions
[6] Governance, Leadership and Unions
[7] News reporting

[1] DfE

Speech: Nicky Morgan: closing the skills gap and our plan for education

Nick Gibb speaks to education publishers about quality textbooks

Press release: Fresh approach to school mental health support

Statistics – national statistics: EYFSP attainment by pupil characteristics: 2013 to 2014

Press release: More young people to be helped into work with traineeships

Open consultation: Funding for children and young people with SEND

Speech: Nick Gibb: the fruits of autonomy

Press release: New Children’s Commissioner appointed

Speech: Edward Timpson speaks at the LSCB chairs annual conference

Press release: New academically rigorous RS GCSE backed by faith groups

Open consultation: GCSE and A level reform: religious studies

Guidance: School procurement: buying collaboratively

[1.1]  DfE Education Funding Agency

EFA e-bulletin: 20 November 2014 (issue 69): Latest information and actions from Education …

EFA e-bulletin: 13 November 2014 (issue 68): Latest information and actions from Education …

[2] Education Committee

Preparing for apprenticeships and the impact of traineeships

‘Evidence check’ web forum launched

Appointment of Children’s Commissioner for England report

[3] Ofsted

Ofsted calls for prevention of child sexual exploitation to be given higher priority

[3.1] Ofsted in the news

Ofsted chief: stream pupils by ability at the age of 14

Children failed over sex abuse risk

[4] Ofqual

Glenys Stacey’s speech to Westminster Education Forum: A level reform

Content moving to GOV.UK (7th November)

[5] School Admissions and Exclusions

Supporting your child through the anguish of bullying

10 tips to tackle disablist language based bullying in school – A guide for staff

Homophobic abuse in schools is not the fault of the students – it’s the fault of the schools

Schools ‘failing’ on cyberbullying

Millions of veterans will miss out on priority housing, school places for their children

Private school admissions ‘rising at fastest rate since 2008’

[6] Governance, Leadership and Unions

Governor Thoughtnightly – Learning and Training Ideas for Governors

Fairer schools funding: arrangements for 2015 to 2016

Ofsted data reveals ‘weakness and inconsistency’ of inspections, headteachers say

Make Schools Your Business – Campaign Update

Meeting the gender equality challenge

NASUWT issues workload challenge to Secretary of State

ATL comment on reduction in number of pupils being bullied

ATL comment on appointment of 12 new Social Mobility Champions

‘I’m not paid enough’, says £120,000 school superhead

UCAS-style post-16 options database is right move but young people still need careers advice

ATL comment on further education funding cuts

£200,000 – what an academy head can earn after bumper pay rise

Nearly half of academy trusts paid millions to ‘dubious’ contracts

North Yorkshire school governor who joined Ukip ‘forced out’, party claims

Academies minister Lord Nash in breach of governance guidelines

The primary headteacher attacked for trying to tackle homophobia

ATL comment on Resolution Foundation research into the routes out of low pay

We need to find a new way to measure poverty

A welcome for the consultation requiring breadth in the new RS GCSE

[7] News reporting

Schools told: reintroduce traditional textbooks in lessons

Grammar schools did not widen access to elite universities, study finds

‘Extremist risk’ at Muslim schools

Hunt attacks ‘confusing’ exam change

Grammars’ ‘leaky pipe’ to university

Tuition fee rise ‘may prevent middle-classes getting a mortgage’

Alex Salmond unveils no tuition fees tribute as he resigns

‘It’s all very well educating children about finances, but when will someone teach bankers to behave…

Nick Clegg: end apprenticeship ‘snobbery’

Anti-Bullying Week: Teachers warned not to befriend pupils on Facebook, as they risk being victims of cyber-bullying too

Immigration is changing character of UK schools, claims Iain Duncan Smith

‘An education in the arts is limited to the economically privileged. It is an unjust waste of national…

Language teachers must be ‘thorn in side of British insularity’, says private school head

A good mix: why ethnic minority pupils boost school achievement

If social mobility is the problem, grammar schools are not the solution

Want to know why London’s schools perform better? Immigration

Youth parliament to meet in Commons

Medical schools should target primary pupils to boost recruitment from poor homes, says new report

Alumni networks: the benefits missed by state schools

Success of London schools explained exclusively by pupil ethnicity, research finds

New RS GCSE to include two religions

Religious studies shake-up to ‘prepare pupils for life in modern Britain’

New free school offers pupils £500 ‘bribes’ to sign up

A boarding school education in the country for children from inner city London

Nicky Morgan backs plans for new ‘College of Teaching’

Teenagers turned off ‘difficult’ subjects such as science

The headteacher who sent home 152 pupils in a day explains why she did it

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