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2 Weeks in Education – November 9th 2015

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DfE: Open consultation: Funding for school admission appeals

NCTL: workshops for School Governors, Clerks and Head Teachers

Commission: How fair is Britain?

f40: The Campaign for Fairer Funding in Education

Exhibition: The Academies Show, Wednesday, 25 November 2015

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[1] DfE
[1.1]  DfE Education Funding Agency
[2] Education committee
[3] Ofqual
[4] School Admissions and Exclusions
[4.1] Office of the Schools Adjudicator

[5] Governance, Leadership and Unions
[6] News reporting


[1] DfE

Speech: Big Bang @ Parliament: the importance of STEM

Speech: Shanghai maths teaching exchange: opening ceremony

National Statistics: Key stage 2 national curriculum test review outcomes: 2015

 Guidance: GCSE design and technology

Speech: Nicky Morgan: one nation education

Statement to Parliament: Further additional GCSE and A level subject content consultation

Press release: Nicky Morgan: no tolerance of areas where majority of pupils fail

 Open consultation: Implementing the English Baccalaureate

Guidance: School census autumn 2015: 16 to 19 funding reports guide

Research and analysis: Supporting the attainment of disadvantaged pupils

Press release: PM unveils drive to increase adoptions and cut unacceptable delays

Guidance: Teacher misconduct: The prohibition of teachers

Speech: Nicky Morgan: Lord Davies review on women on boards

Guidance: School workforce census 2015: notepad entries for COLLECT queries 

Speech: Delivering real equality

Speech: Women of the future summit

Press release: National teacher recruitment drive gets underway

Correspondence: Living wage: letter from Nicky Morgan

[1.1]  DfE Education Funding Agency

Press release: Technical and professional education revolution continues: New system with clearer rou…

Guidance: EFA e-bulletin: 5 November 2015 (issue 106): Latest information and actions from Education …

Press release: Priority school building programme: 2 schools start rebuild work: Marden High School a…

EFA training: The key stage 2 national curriculum tests and teacher assessments

EFA training – The key stage 1 national curriculum tests and teacher assessments

Detailed guide: How to submit sixth-form colleges’ accounts to EFA: Guide for all sixth-form colleges…

[2] Education committee

Supplementary evidence on the work of Ofqual

Minister’s letter on new free schools planning published

Regional School Commissioners’ role examined

[3] Ofqual

Transparency data: Papers for the Ofqual board’s July 2015 meeting

News story: Summary of today’s statistics

News story: Ofqual launches further consultation on reformed qualifications for 2017

News story: Register for the Ofqual conference, 8 December 2015

[4] School Admissions and Exclusions

DfE: Open consultation: Funding for school admission appeals

House schools in skyscrapers to cope with rise in demand, says minister

Pupil Referral Units: The children beyond mainstream education

13-year-old girl found hanged after being suspended from school

Titan schools will be like cheap high-rise housing, independent head warns

Your school’s got no room for extra pupils? It’s time to build upwards…

Supersize schools: how big is too big … 2,000? Or 4,000?

Inquiry begins into lack of poor pupils attending grammar schools

[4.1] Office of the Schools Adjudicator

Decision: St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School Redhill

Decision: St Peter’s Roman Catholic Primary School

Decision: St Dunstan’s Catholic Primary School

Decision: Cockburn High School

Decision: Bemerton St John Church of England Primary School

Decision: Moss Hall Infant School

Decision: Murston Nursery and Infant School and Murston Junior School

Decision: Moss Hey Primary School

[5] Governance, Leadership and Unions

Are you headteacher material? Sir Tim Brighouse puts you to the test

NAHT releases ‘Breaking Point’ survey of school finances

Teaching Leaders welcomes announcement of National Teaching Service pilot

Pragmatic questions around paid governance

NCTL: workshops for School Governors, Clerks and Head Teachers

NAHT welcomes plans for a National Teaching Service

ATL on Government’s education plans

Trade Union Bill could increase ‘whispering campaigns’ against non-striking teachers, union warns

Building better boards – can we fix it?

A good school leader knows when talented teachers must be shown the door

Key Stage 2 transition matrices 2015

Dwindling prospects for young people – shameful

NAHT welcomes Fabian Food and Poverty Commission

NASUWT: 2015-17 teachers’ pay offer totally inadequate and unacceptable

NAHT: Primary Performance there’s a link between stability and success

Leadership Links NAHT’s newsletter for our members (issue 212)

[6] News reporting

Teacher shortages, Sats cheating and ED Hirsch: all in the TES podcast

The National Teaching Service – can it work?

FoI response fails to identify Morgan’s 1000 transformed ‘failing’ schools

Top state school pupils ‘get better degrees than those from private schools’

‘Perfect storm’ has state schools struggling to balance the books

Walking rule ‘makes primary pupils like prisoners’

‘Crack team’ of 1,500 super-teachers sent to struggling schools to help boost results

Lord Nash misleads peers on “coasting” schools

Nicky Morgan: 100,000 children will forced to re-sit Sats tests

Ask the DfE: Put your SEND queries directly to the man at the ministry

PE and school sport Bad kits and homophobic bullying: a student’s view of PE

Ministers consider national tests for seven-year-olds

More children go to inadequate free schools and academies than others, Labour says

Murder investigation under way after pupil death at an Aberdeen school

The happiness of the UK’s schoolchildren – in eight charts

‘Stark’ North-South attainment gap before children turn 5, report warns

Teacher shortage leads schools to spend £733m on supply agencies, says NUT

‘Only a tiny proportion of teachers earn that much!’ – complaint lodged over salary claims in DfE’s new recruitment ad

‘How many perfectly good teaching careers are in ruins because we treat pupils as data not individuals?’

Let children have five days a year of term time holidays, Netmums editor says

Sleepwalking into UK’s worst teacher recruitment crisis

ATL comment on fund to help young people’s career prospects

Academy chain’s fees for ‘consultants’ put schools programme under scrutiny

When are the school holidays?

Children’s Voices tell a different story about the 11+

Has the final bell rung for the secondary school staffroom?

‘No evidence’ school collaboration boosts attainment, research claims

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