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2 Weeks in Education – October 13th 2014

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Get nominating for the NGA Outstanding Governance Awards

Governor Thoughtnightly – 6 Top Tips for New School Governors

Social Mobility & Poverty Commission report on how schools can improve social mobility

DfE:  EFA academies training, videos, interactive webinars and EFA experts

Questions for Governors: science and maths in English secondary schools

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[1] DfE
[1.1]  DfE Education Funding Agency
[2] Education Committee

[3] Ofsted
[3.1] Ofsted in the news
[4] Ofqual
[5] School Admissions and Exclusions
[6] Governance, Leadership and Unions
[7] News reporting


[1] DfE

Guidance: School census 2014: notepad entries for COLLECT queries

Guidance: School census autumn 2014 guide: same person, different UPN

Press release: Thousands more school leavers staying in education or training

Statistics: Income and expenditure in academies in England: 2012 to 2013

Guidance: 16 to 19 accountability headline measures: technical guide

Press release: Young adults thanked by minister for helping to mould policy

Correspondence: Safeguarding vulnerable children

[1.1]  DfE Education Funding Agency

Transparency data: Section 251 budget workbooks: 2014 to 2015: Budget and output statements on the pl…

Transparency data: 16 to 19 allocation data: 2014 to 2015 academic year: Allocation data for 16 to 19…

Guidance: EFA e-bulletin: 2 October 2014 (issue 63): Latest information and actions from Education Fu…

News story: Academies funding: training videos and webinars launched: An online resource aimed at aca…

[2] Education Committee

No reports

[3] Ofsted

Ofsted consults on radical changes to inspection

[3.1] Ofsted in the news

Gove considered removing Wilshaw as Ofsted chief, memo reveals

Former Ofsted chief attacks ‘socially toxic’ culture of privilege

Academies: patchy results and scandal ‘inevitable’, warns former Ofsted chair

Ofsted: more snap inspections to prevent new ‘Trojan Horse’ scandal

[4] Ofqual

Glenys Stacey’s speech to The Key Conference, 2nd October

[5] School Admissions and Exclusions

Parents to report bullying and give permission for school trips by mobile phone

[6] Governance, Leadership and Unions

Ofsted still has work to do to restore trust in inspection judgements says ASCL

ATL comment on reforms of Ofsted

NAHT believes wholesale reform of Ofsted is necessary

Heads call for Ofsted transformation

Get nominating for the NGA Outstanding Governance Awards

Politicians must commit to seriously tackling child poverty to address achievement gaps in education

Teaching assistants are key ingredient in helping to raise standards

Government puts its faith in teaching assistants with new standards

Governing bodies should ditch ‘passengers’ and slim down, says minister

What can international education research really tell us?

Astonishing figures from NUT survey show scale of teacher workload crisis

New teachers struggle to ‘manage’ classrooms, according to poll of heads

Single-sex classes ‘make no difference’ to girls, says head

Heads want ‘injustices’ of bad examiners redressed

Heads and universities welcome Ofqual intervention in the grading of A-level Modern Languages exams

[7] News reporting

‘Mental health issues in children have been a hidden struggle for too long’

League table shake-up may put ‘good’ schools in danger zone

Parents face online homework dilemmaComputer eye

Tackling child poverty is not a cost, it’s a saving

Oxford University head attacks ‘vainglorious’ politicians

‘Local schools’ drive inequality

‘Urgent’ action needed to address behavioural problems of young SEND pupils

Attacking schools will not help to tackle deep seated issues of social inequality

Homework ‘damages’ primary age pupils

Social mobility tsar: 60,000 children a year being failed by poor schools

Authors, teachers and parents launch revolt over ‘exam factory’ schools

Half of Britons can’t spell ‘fluorescent’ without spellcheck, literacy study finds

A Labour government could mean more exam turmoil, Ofqual warns

The Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission has published a report on how schools can improve social mobility

Schools not doing enough to help poor pupils succeed –  says report

Privilege: that’s the only area where private schools excel

Disabled pupils’ behaviour ‘a worry’Child with head on knees

A third of free schools employed unqualified teachers, research shows

A flurry of SEND publications

How being a teacher has become increasingly dangerous

‘Glorious isolation’ for academy schools won’t work

Digital divide opening in UK schools

Shake-up could see 11 schools close

Teachers to haul pupils from their beds in truancy drive

Professional parent’ pressure drives mothers to exhaustion

Education lottery ‘stacks odds against’ poor pupils, says Oxford academic

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