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2 Weeks in Education – October 27th 2014

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LGO report: School admission appeals: are parents being heard? Learning lessons from complaints

Guidance: School admission appeals data collection 2015

School buys double-decker bus on Ebay to ease overcrowding

State of the Nation 2014 Report

 Open consultation: SEN and disability: detained persons regulations and revised code 

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[1] DfE
[1.1]  DfE Education Funding Agency
[2] Education Committee

[3] Ofsted
[3.1] Ofsted in the news
[4] Ofqual
[5] School Admissions and Exclusions
[6] Governance, Leadership and Unions
[7] News reporting

[1] DfE

Press release: New funding will help most disadvantaged 3- and 4-year-olds

Speech: Childcare Minister speaks about more pre-schools in schools

Press release: State of the Nation 2014 Report published

Press release: Nurseries ‘must do more’ to give children the best start in life

Statistics – national statistics: Early years foundation stage profile results: 2013 to 2014

Press release: Fewer pupils regularly missing class than ever before

Statistics – national statistics: Pupil absence in schools in England: autumn 2013 and spring 2014

Correspondence: Letter from Nicky Morgan to the teaching unions

[1.1]  DfE Education Funding Agency

Guidance: EFA e-bulletin: 24 October 2014: Latest information and actions from Education Funding Agen…

Correspondence: Financial notice to improve: Academies Enterprise Trust: A financial notice to improv…

Correspondence: 16 to 19 funding: Funding for academic year 2015 to 2016: A letter explaining the fun…

Guidance: EFA e-bulletin: 9 October 2014 (issue 64): Information and actions from Education Funding A…

Detailed guide: How to return ILR final funding claims 2013 to 2014 to the EFA: Information for insti…

[2] Education Committee

Committee publishes letters on academy sponshorship and multi-academy trusts

Committee question effectiveness of Sex and Relationships Education

3rd Special Report – Into independence, not out of care: 16 plus care options: Government…

Committee question effectiveness of Sex and Relationships Education

Education Secretary gives evidence on extremism in schools

[3] Ofsted

Ofsted statement on Norfolk inspection allegations

[3.1] Ofsted in the news

‘How to make Ofsted inspections fairer for schools in disadvantaged areas’

‘Trojan horse’ schools have done little to fix problems – Ofsted

Ofsted chief attacks government ‘smear campaign’

[4] Ofqual

Enquiries about Results for GCSE and A level: Provisional Statistics for Summer 2014 exam series

Content moving to GOV.UK (17th October)

Marc Baker’s speech to the Inside Government conference on Raising School Attainment, 14th October

Glenys Stacey’s speech to the Federation of Awarding Bodies conference, 14 October 

Regulatory letter RO28/2014 – The accreditation requirement

Ofqual makes changes to vocational qualification regulation

[5] School Admissions and Exclusions

Guidance: School admission appeals data collection 2015: guide

School buys double-decker bus on Ebay to ease overcrowding

Want fairer school admissions? Then stop tinkering and scrap all selection 

Richmond Catholic schools: cynical conversion to Academy status

[6] Governance, Leadership and Unions

ASCL sends 10 point plan for tackling workload in schools to Secretary of State

Government consultation on teacher workload

Inspiring leadership for challenged schools

Sutton Trust report on career guidance in schools

Primary Futures: national initiative to boost pupils aspirations

Governor Thoughtnightly – A Guide to Academy Governance

David Cameron plans new powers to replace poor headteachers and governors

Women teachers facing discimination and inequality

Hunt wants public oath for teachers

[7] News reporting

Record number of GCSE and A-level grades changed after appeals

Academy and free school staff increasingly forced to whistleblower helplines to report problems

Education secretary in row with MPs over academy schools inspections

Boys of five trail girls in three Rs

Colleges snub school performance-pay system to retain salary scales

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