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2 Weeks in Education – September 1st 2014

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GCSE results 2014 database

GCSE results 2014: the full breakdown

Surge in pupils achieving ‘three Rs’, Sats show

£1bn shortfall for school places warn councils

NGA: The Chair’s Handbook 4th Edition (£)

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[1] DfE
[1.1]  DfE Education Funding Agency
[2] Education Committee

[3] Ofsted
[3.1] Ofsted in the news
[4] Ofqual
[5] School Admissions and Exclusions
[6] Governance, Leadership and Unions
[7] News reporting
8) GCSEs

[1] DfE

Guidance: Careers guidance for colleges

Statistics – national statistics: National curriculum assessments at key stage 2 in England: 2014

Press release: Primary test results: standards rising in all subjects

Statutory guidance: SEND: managing changes to legislation from September 2014

Form: Children adopted from care and the pupil premium: template letter

Press release: Number of young people who are NEET at 9-year low

Statistics – national statistics: NEET statistics: quarterly brief – April to June 2014

Transparency data: Schools in England

Policy paper: What’s happened since the Family Justice Review: a brighter future for family justice

Guidance: Research reports: guide and template

Press release: Parents feel more supported ahead of radical SEND reforms

Guidance: Co-ordinated admissions 2015: series 11 files

[1.1]  DfE Education Funding Agency

Guidance: EFA e-bulletin: 28 August 2014: Latest information and actions from Education Funding Agenc…

Form: High needs: 2015 to 2016 place number exceptional case process: Information for local authoriti…

Corporate report: EFA investigation publishing policy: This policy sets out the approach to publishin…

[2] Education Committee

Trojan horse evidence continues

[3] Ofsted

[3.1] Ofsted in the news

Ousted ‘Trojan Horse’ schools heads fight for reinstatement

Ofsted to probe tip-off claims

Academies run by ‘superhead’ received advance notice of Ofsted checks

Ofsted visits are more useful than data – they give a fuller picture of the school

[4] Ofqual

 GCSE, AS and A level assessment consultation events 

Press release: Higher standards as thousands more take GCSEs at the right time

A brief explanation of summer 2014 GCSE results

Ofqual publishes corporate plan

[5] School Admissions and Exclusions

ATL comment on LGA research on shortfall of funding for school places

Primary school places budget squeeze

£1bn shortfall for school places warn councils

Parents pay half a million in housing premium for state school education

NASUWT comments on LGA school funding report

Warring parents exploiting middle class school places fears in summer divorce battles

Postcodes where you pay most for good schools

Overcrowded schools forced to ‘build playgrounds on roof’

Labour sounds alarm on sharp rise in infant class sizes under Coalition

Hundreds of children taught in classes of over 70 pupils

[6] Governance, Leadership and Unions

Schools Need Your Skills Campaign – Marketing & Communications

10 top tips for teachers heading into school senior leadership teams

What I wish I’d known before starting as a head of department

Stop piecemeal changes to exams and carry out a proper review of qualifications, ATL tells government

Good GCSE maths results, but too early to tell long-term impact of exam changes – ATL

Governor Thoughtnightly – HOT TOPIC – Reconstituting Your Governing Body

Calls to reinstate Trojan heads

ATL comment on Tristram Hunt’s vision for education

School leaders’ union confirms Birmingham head has taken back her post

An SGOSS Update – August 2014

Academies run by ‘superhead’ received advance notice of Ofsted checks

[7] News reporting

Changes to the pupil premium will hit London’s children

Top of British society is a racket for the privileged

Cost of kitting out kids for school hits £240 per child – totalling £2.5bn

Could a later start to the school day be the most useful educational reform of all?

‘No proof’ free schools improve performance

Bullying at school ‘damages future career prospects’

Fifth of 11-year-olds lack basic reading and writing skills, SAT results reveal

The test paper: What 11-year-olds are expected to know when they leave primary school

2014 A level results – background information

‘Look what you did’ say parents to bullies of son found hanged

Failure to act on graduate ‘CV fraud’

LGA: Councils forced to divert money to pay for free school meals, new research shows

No such thing as a free school lunch? Government ‘reckless’ in failing to provide adequate school funds

Labour vows to prioritise well rounded education over exams

LGA research shows inadequate funding for free school meals

The new SEND system as a flow chart: Part 1, SEN Support

The new SEND system Flow Chart 2: Requesting an Education, Health & Care Assessment

Clearing 2014: it’s still all to play for

Mother prosecuted after keeping daughter off school over cancer fears

Number of women and students from deprived areas off to university hit high

Schools are still out for summer, but it’s time to count the cost of uniforms

A woman in tech is as rare as a girl on a skateboard

Does Gove’s passion still burn bright?

8) GCSEs

‘The arrogant refusal to listen to warnings from school leaders about rushed GCSE reform is a disgrace’

How far will teachers go to improve GCSE results if their pay depends on it?

Pain for pupils as the ghost of Gove haunts their GCSE grades

GCSEs only matter if the kids have what they need to follow their dreams

GCSE results 2014: Inquiry as teachers express shock at variations in grades

GCSE results 2014: C grades up overall as English scores plummet

GCSE results: huge drop in number of early exam entries

GCSE results 2014: girls pulling further ahead of boys

GCSEs: grades drop three times faster at ‘resitting schools’

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