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2 Weeks in Education – September 11th 2017

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Seminar: School Exclusions & Exclusion Reviews
Tue 17th Oct 2017 – Central London

Exclusion: sixth-form grades

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[1] DfE
[1.1]  DfE Education Funding Agency
[2] Ofsted
[2.1] Ofsted in the news
[3] Education committee and Westminster
[4] Ofqual
[5] School Admissions and Exclusions

[5.1] Office of the Schools Adjudicator
[6] Governance, Leadership and Unions
[7] News reporting


[1] DfE

Press release: Advisor appointed to boost local support for care leavers  …

News story: Back to school for thousands of pupils as new free schools open  …

Transparency data: DfE grant funding agreement: terms and conditions  …

Press release: 30 hours free childcare launches  …

Statutory guidance: Schools causing concern  …

National Statistics: National curriculum assessments: key stage 2, 2017 (provisional)  …

National Statistics: Admissions appeals in England: academic year 2016 to 2017  …

Guidance: School workforce census 2017: guides  …

Guidance: Independent special schools and colleges  …

Statutory guidance: Constitution of governing bodies of maintained schools  …

Guidance: 2019 performance tables: technical and vocational qualifications  …

[1.1]  DfE Education Funding Agency

Guidance: Local authorities: 16 to 19 grant return and use of funds statements 2016 to 2017  …

Guidance: Maintained schools with sixth-form funding: assurance guidance  …

[2] Ofsted

News story: Ofsted launches new point-in-time questionnaires  …

Guidance: Ofsted Inspectors: conflicts of interest policy and procedure  …

[2.1] Ofsted in the news

Ofsted sets up helpline to ensure inspectors understand new GCSEs

‘Scrap Sats and Ofsted so teachers no longer feel like criminals’

Ofsted to ask headteachers how they plan to reduce teachers’ workload 
Ofsted tenders for independent adjudication service

[3] Education committee and Westminster

Commons Debate: 16 to 19 Education Funding

[4] Ofqual

Guidance: Grade descriptors for GCSEs graded 9 to 1  …

Guidance: Timeline of changes to GCSEs, AS and A levels  …

[5] School Admissions and Exclusions

Secondary School Places Crisis 

A-level pupils excluded for failing to get top grades allowed to return after grammar school U-turn

St Olave’s exclusions practice was no secret – we pupils all knew

More London sixth-form schools face threat of legal cases for exclusion

Secondary school places crisis – almost half of councils areas face shortfall in five years 

DfE National Statistics: Admissions appeals in England: academic year 2016 to 2017 

School admissions appeals fall, new DfE statistics show

New research survey condemns Government proposals for an end to limits on faith school selection 

Leading grammar school ‘unlawfully’ excludes pupils for failing to get top grades
[5.1] Office of the Schools Adjudicator

Decision: Ashlawn School 

Decision: The Royal Grammar School  …

Decision: Wycombe High School  …

Decision: The Henrietta Barnett School  …

Decision: Dr Challoner’s High School  …

Decision: Aylesbury Grammar School  …

Decision: John Hampden Grammar School 

Decision: Sir William Borlase’s Grammar School 

Decision: Royal Latin School 

Decision: Chesham Grammar School 

Decision: Burnham Grammar School 

Decision: Beaconsfield High School  …

[6] Governance, Leadership and Unions

National Education Union comment on increase in new free schools 

Are you ready for appraisal season?

Cuts show a reckless disregard for quality education

National Education Union comment on DfE not approving vocational qualifications

‘Look across the Atlantic – leadership can never be a one-person show, so surround yourself with the right people’

School Ready Report

New pupils not school ready, say heads 

Heads say pupils must know tuition fees

‘Teachers need the new “superunion” because of the ideological experiment that is English education policy’   > https://neu.org.uk

Do I want to be a head? No way …well, maybe

The Tes podcast: Joe Wicks, the National Education Union and school lunches

ATL and NUT form the National Education Union 

KS2 data released: NAHT calls for fairer accountability

Headteacher who confined primary pupils to ‘solitary confinement’ almost every day, can continue teaching

Cuts show a reckless disregard for quality education

‘Because he’s worth it,’ Harris founder defends Sir Dan Moynihan’s £420k salary

[7] News reporting

DfE pledges more transparency for secretive academies system

The Tes Podcast: The behaviour special

How the British Sign Language alphabet gave a voice to millions

School puts 500 pupils in detention for flouting new uniform rules

SEND & Discrimination in Schools, A Legal Handbook, review.

7 tips for Sencos on managing the demands of the job 

Secondary school makes uniform gender neutral 

Tutoring – ‘the hidden secret of the rich’

‘New’ grammar school opens to pupils

More children reported for sex offences

Exclusive: Academy secrets the DfE wanted to hide from you – part 1  – part 2

Schools return to ‘more staff vacancies’

Before Aydin Önaç reached St Olave’s, we fought him over our autistic daughter’s care 

SEND: Five things every teacher should know

Poorest pupils lag more than a year behind richer peers

UK government is failing disabled children says United Nations

Call for ‘significant’ teacher pay rise amid reports public sector cap will be lifted

SEN assessment: one of the Cameron era’s most howling disasters 

Free schools meals measure masks north-south divide in pupil poverty

More than 20,000 sixth-formers leave school before finishing A-levels 

‘Next time a politician tries to make their reputation by vandalising the system, education must provide an alternative…’

Schools around England ejecting ‘underperforming’ sixth-formers 

‘Ban experts from teaching exams they set’ 

Sats: 2017 primary progress floor standards revealed

The worrying trend of social care tactics to target SEND ‘problem parents’

Make PSHE lessons compulsory to reduce self harm, government urged

High-profile Tories back Labour bill on free meals in school holidays 

Five difficult questions pupils ask about mental health – and how to answer them 

Have you lost your sixth-form place due to exam results?

Grammar facing legal challenge for forcing lower achievers off A-level courses

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