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A Week in Education – August 27th 2013

Up to Tuesday August 27th 2013

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SGOSS: ‘Governors for Schools’
Recruitment of highly skilled volunteer school governors.

[1] DfE

[2] Ofsted

[3] Ofqual

[4] Governance and Leadership

[5] News reporting

[6]  GCSE results


[1] DfE

Scholarships for 500 teachers and special educational needs (SEN) support staff

Number of young people not in education, employment or training falls

GCSE results show rise of academic subjects

Destinations of key stage 4 and key stage 5 pupils: 2010 to 2011

[2] Ofsted

Nothing to report

[3] Ofqual

GCSE results  & Letter to Education Select Committee

GCSE Summer Exams 2013

[4] Governance and Leadership

Talking heads: Horniman primary’s different approach to outstanding 

NGA Summer Conference presentations now available (£ subscription)

[5] News reporting

Inequality in Britain: too many children are born to fail. Why? 

School careers advice – is it leaving pupils to sink or swim? 

Special report: The changing face of education – Michael Gove’s school project runs wild and free

A-level student who gained six A* grades pens furious letter to Michael Gove over ‘offensive’ exam reforms 

Too much Shakespeare ‘turns pupils off the Bard’ 

LGA: Schools urged to keep uniform costs down

Second delay for asbestos school

Raising the participation age: a “massive missed opportunity”?

EBac kickstarts languages revival, but there’s still a long way to go

In defence of the long summer holiday /

Concern raised over confusing education reforms

All pupils ‘must stay in education until 17’

School bullying ‘affects adult life’

Childcare worry if schools set terms

Move to axe six-week summer holiday ‘will cause chaos’ 

Education in brief: DfE spends £1.1m on free school’s temporary site

Selective schools may help poor, bright children; what about the rest?

Private schools, Oxbridge admissions and educational inequality

Class of 2013 values cash above all: Survey reveals GCSE students want good salary over career helping others

Ofsted inspection changes will hit schools in challenging areas, heads warn

Section 28 may have reared its head again – but it would seem official guidance is to blame

Schools accused of anti-gay language

[6]  GCSE results

Full GCSE results 

Disadvantaged schools face uphill struggle to meet GCSE targets

Schools escape repeat of GCSE grading fiasco – but complaints raised about tough marking 

GCSE results: Harrow pupils could be discplined for viewing grades early

Overhaul our ‘Victorian’ GCSE system, says head of Eton

NASUWT comments on GCSE results in England

ATL congratulates students on GCSE results, but has concerns that the overall pass rate has dropped

Continuing piecemeal changes to GCSE make it impossible to make year on year comparisons

GCSEs: schools are ‘playing the system’

GCSE results: the school where deprivation is no bar to achievement

GCSE results warped by high volume of younger entrants, says Ofqual

‘Perverse’ GCSE league tables damaging pupils

Exam factory approach ‘damaging education’

Top GCSE grades fall for second year

DfE: GCSE results show rise of academic subjects 

Ofqual: GCSE results  & Letter to Education Select Committee

Ofqual: GCSE Summer Exams 2013

GCSE results 2013 – live!

GCSE situation forcing schools to teach to test rather than subject

GCSEs: ‘extra time’ rule overhauled to stamp out abuse

Schools turn to IGCSEs because they are “way easier”

Heads warn of ‘missed GCSE grades’ 

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