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A Week in Education – September 23rd 2013

Up to Monday September 23rd 2013

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[1] DfE
[2] Ofsted
[3] Ofqual
[4] School Admissions and Exclusions
[5] Governance, Leadership and Unions
[6] News reporting

[1] DfE

Elizabeth Truss speaks about curriculum reform

Trade union facility time in schools under review

New tests show 1 in 4 struggling with spelling, punctuation and grammar

National curriculum assessments at key stage 2 in England, 2012 to 2013 (provisional)

School uniform guidance 

Free school lunch for every child in infant school


[2] Ofsted

Ofsted to inspect schools on careers guidance under Labour

[3] Ofqual

Review of assessment of spelling, punctuation & grammar in GCSE English lit, geography, history &

[4] School Admissions and Exclusions

Standing Room Only – Warning on School Places  + School Places Crisis

Two in five reception pupils in parts of London will not have a school place available. –  About

[5] Governance, Leadership and Unions

NUT campaign: The School Places Crisis   Press release

[6] News reporting

Faith schools ‘select wealthy by back door’

From airfields to fire stations, the free schools springing up in unusual places

Are free school meals a good idea?

Give every child free school lunches, urges Diane Abbott

Schools boss tells Michael Gove: The system isn’t broken

Ofqual survey on GCSE spelling, punctuation and grammar

Private school chief predicts the end of school inspections

Rules on public funding of teaching unions overhauled

How state schools can emulate the private sector’s sporting success

Colin Richards: the DfE’s primary accountability proposals are deeply flawed 

Nick Clegg pledges to give infants free school meals – video

Free school meals policy gets lukewarm reception from educationalists

Free school meals must be just a start

All exams will be taken online within 10 years, says independent schools leader 

Rise in maths and writing levels

‘The government has licensed disrespect for teachers’ 

Schools nourish communities as well as children

Daniel Pelka review: School staff must keep closer eye on abuse

Private schools ‘no longer have to give free places to poor pupils’More

Pupils banned from cycling to school for safety 

Free lunch for all at infant schools

Child protection system ‘creaking’ 

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