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A Week in Education – September 30th 2013

End Racism This Generation: Get involved

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[1] DfE
[2] Ofsted
[3] Ofqual
[4] School Admissions and Exclusions
[5] Governance, Leadership and Unions
[6] News reporting

[7] Events and campaigns


[1] DfE

Planned expenditure on schools, education + by local authorities: financial year 2013 to 2014

Children looked after in England, including adoption

[2] Ofsted

Prioritising the experiences of children who need help, protection and care – a new single inspection

[3] Ofqual

[4] School Admissions and Exclusions

Tax-funded private school place plea

[5] Governance, Leadership and Unions

Westminster Hall Debate: School governors and school improvement Tuesday 08 October 

Heads who don’t teach risk being absorbed by bureaucracy and losing touch, top head warns

Leading headmaster attacks ‘mediocre’ state schools

Heads criticise new rules on early GCSE entries

What business does the private sector have running state schools? 

Patrolling, pyjama days and positivity: what makes a school leader? 

SecEd guide to Ofsted and the Pupil Premium 

The eight qualities of successful school leaders

What makes a great school leader?

NAHT: School Leaders – Time to use our heads

NASUWT: Strike Action On 1 and 17 October – Rally/March details

Talking to Governors about Data

650 schools facing budget cuts

[6] News reporting

Nurseries ‘should focus on play – not the three-Rs’

Bolton schools lead the way on CPR lessons

Insider claims top academy ‘inflated grades’

Free schools and the dangers of mixing education and religion

More children treated for anxiety because of exam pressure

First UTC found guilty of “indirect sexual discrimination” for encouraging girls to apply

GCSE English 2012 grading scandal: Is this the evidence that schools were right all along?

New Philanthropy Capital looks at ways to help disadvantaged kids get into university

Labour conference 2013: child poverty, nursery costs and class sizes

Schools told to run parenting classes and measure happinessl

Labour plan schools from 8am to 6pm

Education in brief: will some schools ever obey ministers’ uniform rules?

Educating Lambeth, with parents in charge

Full-face veils and school dinners by Ian Bauckham, ASCL President 

Michael Gove creating ‘neo Victorian’ curriculum for primary schools, says professor who led massive review

University acceptances bounce back 

Tim Brighouse’s challenge to Labour: Base ed policy on evidence, not anecdote or political advisers

Teacher strikes: Three-quarters of schools could be forced to shut by next week’s walk-out 

Top primary don warns Michael Gove: “Insulting opponents is the real ‘enemy of progress'”

[7] Events and campaigns

End Racism This Generation: Get involved

Campaign for Languages: Speak to the future

The National Youth Film Festival is a unique opportunity for schools and youth groups.

The Skills Show: Young peoples skills and careers event

How to win the School We’d Like competition: tips from the judges

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