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School Admission: National Offer Day, Grammar School memorandum and 11-plus FOI tribunal

Does profit matter more than parents understanding of school admissions? Tribunal set to decide whether an 11-plus company’s [FOI] commercial rights matter more than public transparency > FOI requests and Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring (CEM) ICO decision notices NAHT comments on secondary school places offer day 2020 Why might… Continue Reading

School Admission and Exclusion: OSA annual report, new research, briefing papers and Westminster debates

Video & Audio of debate in Westminster Hall on school exclusions > Briefing OSA: Annual report of the Chief Schools Adjudicator for England “progress made by admission authorities in England in complying fully with the School Admissions Code, and achieving fair access to schools” Hansard: School Exclusions — [Mr Peter Bone in the Chair]… Continue Reading

School Admission: SEN support and Fair Access

Investigation: Fair access? Hundreds of pupils shut out Call for more special school places and SEN support Twitter updates:  #SchoolAdmission, #SchoolExclusion and #SchoolGovernance Subscribe to our email newsletter  … Continue Reading

School Admission: Children in need review

Radical change ‘needed on school admissions’ The DfE confirmed that this review only relates to children in need. Hinds: We’ll change admissions code to ‘accelerate’ school moves for children in need DfE: Help, protection, education: concluding the Children in Need review – June 2019 “We will act on our commitment to take forward changes… Continue Reading

School Admission: evidence from national administrative data

School choice in England: evidence from national administrative data This paper provides new quantitative evidence on the functioning of school choice in England, building on a large body of research on school choice that followed the introduction of market-based reforms in 1988. Most parents reject nearest school Some 60% do not choose their… Continue Reading

School Admission – Report: Fair Access to Schools? The impact of the appeals and waiting list system

Report: Fair Access to Schools? The impact of the appeals and waiting list system NAHT comments on EPI report into secondary school places Wealthy biggest winners from school appeals Schools admission system ‘widens the gap between the rich and the poor  ASCL response to EPI report on school appeals … Continue Reading

School Admission: Sutton Trust research findings

Selective Comprehensives Great Britain Balancing out Britain’s state schools Reporting ‘Socially selective’ faith schools must introduce fairer admissions ‘Ballots would make school admissions fairer’  Top comprehensive schools take half the number of poorer pupils than the average  … Continue Reading

DfE Guidance: Admission appeals for school places (Published 15 March 2019)

“These guides will help admission authorities advise those involved with school admission appeals to understand their roles and responsibilities. ” Documents Advice for admission authorities on school admission appeals Advice for clerks and appeal panels on school admission appeals Advice for parents and guardians on school admission appeals This information will… Continue Reading

Adjudicator (OSA): Annual report of the Chief Schools Adjudicator for England

OSA – Press release: Annual report of the Chief Schools Adjudicator for England The annual report of the Chief Adjudicator, Ms Shan Scott, to the Secretary of State for Education, covering the period 1 September 2017 to 31 August 2018. The report records the progress made by admission authorities in England… Continue Reading

Newsletter: 2 Weeks in Education – 24th December 2018

Next Newsletter: Monday January 7th 2019 Subscribe here: http://www.clerksassociates.co.uk/1/newsletter/ Highlight ********************************************************************** School Admissions & Admission Appeals Training Getting It Right First Time! Monday 14th January 2019 The School Admissions and Admission Appeals Codes Setting out compliant admission arrangements Establishing prejudice The decision-making process The role of the panel, clerks and presenting officers [ Full details and booking form… Continue Reading

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