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School Exclusion and behaviour proposals

Government criticised over ‘dangerous’ proposals encouraging teachers to ‘use reasonable force’ to curb bad behaviour – Plans to also reduce teaching assistants show ‘shocking ignorance’ to their value The government wants to make it easier to exclude pupils from school. This is wrong-headed Educational psychologists concerned about government proposals… Continue Reading

School Exclusion: Knife crime and rise in exclusions

School exclusions linked to knife crime, say MPs  – About report Violence, racism, drugs and alcohol are blamed for rise in school exclusions Fewer bullies are being excluded from Lancashire’s schools Spike in school exclusions on Teesside blamed for national increase  School suspensions in Plymouth hit record high as attacks on… Continue Reading

Improving behaviour in schools: 6 recommendations in new EEF report

This report is well-timed for school leaders to consider alongside the recent Timpson report on exclusions, and to be part of professional conversations around behaviour that will be central to the Department for Education’s Behaviour Support Networks. https://educationendowmentfoundation.org.uk/tools/guidance-reports/improving-behaviour-in-schools/  … Continue Reading

News reporting on the Edward Timpson landmark exclusions review

Read a summary of the review, download a full copy and the government response Can we still exclude? What the Timpson Review means for your school Timpson exclusions review: the 7 things you need to know Off-rolled pupils to get ‘right to return’ to their school School exclusions: what’s legal… Continue Reading

Edward Timpson landmark exclusions review

Edward Timpson  landmark exclusions review Timpson Review makes 30 recommendations to ensure exclusions are used appropriately and Government commits to new school accountability Published 7 May 2019 Downloads: Timpson review of school exclusion PDF, 2.1MB, 128 pages Timpson review of school exclusion: government response PDF, 207KB, 25 pages [ technical note pdf /tables xlsx -… Continue Reading

Exclusion: Timpson review update

Timpson delayed by row over curbing schools’ exclusion powers “Timpson review will recommend schools are held to account for the results of pupils they have excluded” Hansard: ‘Timpson review’ latest.… Continue Reading

Video: Can knife crime be stopped before it starts?

BBC – 27 Feb 2019 Ros Griffiths, CEO of Southside Young Leaders Academy, works with young boys at risk of exclusion from school and believes that by investing in their education early on, these numbers could be reduced. This film looks at the links between poverty, school exclusions and crime. In the 12… Continue Reading

School Exclusion: The Timpson review

Latest: Timpson review to demand excluded pupils count in schools’ results The Department for Education has launched an open consultation on school exclusion. (16/3/18) The terms of reference sets out the objectives and scope for review of exclusion from school, led by Edward Timpson CBE. Call for evidence > Online Survey … Continue Reading

School Exclusion and Youth Violence

School Exclusions and Youth Violence House of Commons at 11:13 pm on 28th January 2019. https://twitter.com/clerksuk/status/1092438999933874178 Reporting We cannot ignore the link between school exclusion and violent crime  MP: Switch PRU funding to mainstream schools to cut risk of violence Vicky Foxcroft MP On The Overwhelming Link Between School Exclusion and Youth Violence BBC Radio 4 interview:… Continue Reading

Newsletter: 2 Weeks in Education – 24th December 2018

Next Newsletter: Monday January 7th 2019 Subscribe here: http://www.clerksassociates.co.uk/1/newsletter/ Highlight ********************************************************************** School Admissions & Admission Appeals Training Getting It Right First Time! Monday 14th January 2019 The School Admissions and Admission Appeals Codes Setting out compliant admission arrangements Establishing prejudice The decision-making process The role of the panel, clerks and presenting officers [ Full details and booking form… Continue Reading

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