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At Clerks Associates, we work to maintain excellent standards in the delivery of our training, and encourage our participants to provide feedback on what they have experienced from our training events.

If you are interested in finding out more about our training schedule, please see our training events page for more information.

Latest evaluation (April 2017)


Our most recent training, targeted at refreshing and updating clerks for clerking school admissions and appeals, was a great success. The aim was to ensure that new and existing clerks received comprehensive quality training from our Head of Service, Sharon Miller, to go out fully equipped to deliver a first-class service to schools in the current main round of admissions appeals.

Delegates who came to central London from as far afield as Kent and Leeds highly rated the training with 67% rating it excellent and 33% very good. Some of the feedback was:

“The role play and case study exercises were really helpful in knowing what to do.”

“The supporting documentation provided and the presentation by Sharon [were the most helpful part of the training].”

“The question and answer session was very open and very useful.”

“The presentation…was of a high standard.”

“A well-informed session.”

“Group discussions, previous experiences and sharing ideas was useful to me.”

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School Admissions and Appeals Training – 26 Feb 2016
Very comprehensive and covered a lot of ground… [It was a good opportunity for] networking – meeting other people who are involved in an appeals process… The role play was very informative… The presenters delivered a strong session and engaged the participants… Handouts well organised and informal atmosphere allowed questions. 78% rating of excellent/very good

School Admissions and Appeals Training – 26 Jan 2016
Was engaging and there was a high quality of information… Interactive and lively debate – not just a lecture on facts and details… Good role play and theoretical knowledge… Sharon (Head of Service) very clear and well informed, ditto for clerks and good to have a wider perspective from Nat (Admissions Manager)… Good examples of real experiences and legislation in action… Hearing from actual chairpersons and panel members was really helpful.
100% rating of excellent/very good

Bespoke School Admissions Training – 16 Apr 2015

The case study was extremely interesting and brought up many questions… The process explained in detail… The informative pack and the possibility of asking questions as we went along was good… General discussion and presentation were very good. 100% rating of excellent/very good

Guide Workshop For School Admissions & Appeals – 23 Feb 2015

Challenging, informative and supportive… Practical advice given… Good delivery…sound, effective, applicable knowledge… Enjoyable & informative… Well presented. 100% rating of excellent/very good

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