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Newsletter: 2 Weeks in Education – 1st April 2019

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School Admission: Sutton Trust research findings


| Schools: Admission, Exclusion and Governance |
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| Schools: Admission, Exclusion and Governance
Twitter updates:  #SchoolAdmission, #SchoolExclusion and #SchoolGovernance

Number of primary school children at referral units soars

DFE – News story: Government on track to create one million new school places this decade

One in five primaries is full despite creation of 59,000 new places

Knife carrying should not mean automatic exclusion, says former Ofsted chief

Plans for new wave of religiously segregated schools revealed

DFE Stats – Official Statistics: School capacity: academic year 2017 to 2018

Groups bid to open fully selective faith schools with taxpayers’ money

Teen takes lie detector test to challenge exclusion from Rochester Grammar School over nut incident

Excluded Teens Are Often The Most Vulnerable – And They’re Falling Through The Gap
A staggering 88% of school exclusions come from just 10% of schools

Rising numbers of children are being excluded from Lancashire schools

Grammar schoolgirls suspended over peanut prank on allergic teacher

Hansard: Written Answers — Department for Education: Free Schools: Admissions (25 Mar 2019)

Hansard: Written Answers — Department for Education: Pupil Referral Units (25 Mar 2019)

DFE – Guidance: Co-ordinated admissions 2020: series 16 files

OSA – Decision: Stanhope Primary School

‘Socially selective’ faith schools must introduce fairer admissions

‘Ballots would make school admissions fairer’

Top comprehensive schools take half the number of poorer pupils than the average

Balancing out Britain’s state schools

Please take part in the Selective School Expansion Fund consultations

Anger over bid to build new grammar school ‘by the back door’

Bristol secondary school admissions likely to be ‘very difficult’ next year

Education Committee – Link between rise in exclusions and increase in knife crime explored

Preparing Your Board for the Future – Succession Planning Guidance

Knife crime: Education secretary Damian Hinds says truancy is ‘bigger concern’ than expulsions

Outwood Grange won’t say how much it spent on crisis managers

Almost 30 children excluded from Northamptonshire schools every day, report shows

Grammars go head-to-head with bids to open satellite school

Hansard: Academies: Pupil Exclusions and off-rolling
Written questions and answers

Hansard: I ask again: when will the Timpson review of exclusions be published?

Updated DfE Governance Handbook published  – Handbook  (.pdf)

National Governance Association Strategy Day – action report and notes 110219
(.docx) Last updated: 21/03/2019

DFE – Guidance: Governance handbook and competency framework

OSA – Decision: St Bernadette’s Catholic Primary School

OSA – Decision: Bewdley Primary School

Lower absence and exclusion in non-GCSE courses

Heads seek talks with Ofsted on off-rolling crackdown

Excluded children can still have hope: here’s the proof

Middlesbrough mayor set to sign off largely unchanged school admissions policy

Call for urgent inquiry into schools admissions system

School exclusions limited in drive to stop knife crime

School that expelled stab victim Jaden Moodie is accused of using expulsion to “get rid of problem children”

Plans to charge Burton schools up to £15k each time they expel a pupil axed

School governors: have your say about ESFA advice on data

The Impact School Governors Have On The Gorse Academies Trust

Ealing governor recruitment event

MPs, academics and campaigners urge Education Select Committee to review school admissions

| DfE

DFE – Transparency data: Teaching schools and system leadership: reports

DFE – Guidance: School complaints procedures: guidance for schools

DFE – Correspondence: Castle House School: warning notice

DFE – Guidance: School workforce census 2019: technical information

DFE – Guidance: Co-ordinated admissions 2020: series 16 files

DFE – Transparency data: Voluntary-aided schools capital scheme: applicant information

DFE – Guidance: Manage school experience: information for schools

DFE – Guidance: Standards for school food in England

DFE – Transparency data: Headteacher board meetings schedule and preparation templates

DFE – Corporate report: Children’s Commissioner framework agreement

DFE – Independent report: Tailored review on the Office of the Children’s Commissioner

DFE – Guidance: Pupil absence statistics: guide

DFE – National Statistics: Pupil absence in schools in England: 2017 to 2018

DFE – Guidance: School resource management self-assessment tool

DFE – Guidance: Basic need allocations

DFE – Open consultation: Review of post-16 qualifications at level 3 and below in England

DFE – News story: Plans launched to boost quality of post -16 qualifications

DFE – Transparency data: Non-GCSE qualifications in England: key stage 4 entries and absence and exclusions outcomes

DFE – Guidance: Deals for schools

| Ofsted

Ofsted – Official Statistics: State-funded schools inspections and outcomes as at 31 December 2018

Ofsted rows back on judging schools’ EBacc progress

Grassroots heads’ groups give damning verdict on Ofsted plans About

Ofsted – Correspondence: Ofsted programme for minority ethnic school leaders in London

Ofsted could stop reporting on frequency of bullying in schools

Ofsted to talk to pupils to help judge a school’s curriculum

Ofsted may rethink plan to give just 150-minutes’ notice of inspectors’ arrival

| Ofqual

Ofqual – News story: Supporting Exams Officers

Ofqual – Detailed guide: Apply to be an external expert with Ofqual

| Westminster

Education Committee – Knife crime inquiry

Knives and offensive weapons
Published Thursday, March 21, 2019 | Commons Briefing

16-19 education funding in England since 2010
Published Wednesday, March 20, 2019 | Commons Briefing

Education Committee – Letter from the Rt Hon Nick Gibb MP, Minister of State for School Standards, regarding puberty in Relationships Education and Relationships and Sex Education, 5 November 2018

| Education Unions

Funding for school buildings – answer our poll

Scrapping popular qualification would be reckless

Family Support – NAHT member survey
NAHT are partnering with Channel 4 to produce a programme on how schools and teachers are personally funding children and families facing poverty

DfE consultation: review of post-16 qualifications at level 3 and below in England

School Funding: new analysis shows £5.4bn cut from school budgets in England since 2015

News about the early rollout of the Early Career Framework

International Education Strategy

ASCL General Secretary warns GCSE system rubs the noses of pupils in disappointment

Commission questions whether English Language GCSE is fit for purpose

| Media reporting

In-work poverty hits 2.9 million children

Women earn 50p for £1 made by men at some multi-academy trusts

Three-quarters of ‘outstanding’ schools lose top grade

Knife crime: Met to double number of police in schools

Compulsory sex education plan for schools

Academy boss ‘ordered Sats test cheating’

Use stop and search in schools to tackle knife crime, MP suggests

Special educational needs require inclusion

‘Crude school league tables demoralise teachers and pupils’

Why are there no headlines when behaviour in school improves?

‘Malpractice isn’t just a problem for academies’

‘Why schools must do better on apprenticeships’

Another school suspends PSHE lessons amid concerns from parents

Reinstate LGBT classes, says ex-Ofsted boss

Police probe school over pupil restraint

Ban cars outside UK schools to tackle air pollution, teachers say

Would PM Gove want to finish his unfinished schools revolution?

Outsourced schools: the Essex mums fighting back

Blocked drains, mystery stinks – heads warn of schools repair crisis

What are primary school children being taught about LGBT+?

School protests resume in new LGBT row

Teaching union official suspended after saying ‘one child stabbed’ is better than installing knife arches

We still can’t take LGBT equality for granted

Brexit could ‘double the pressure on teacher recruitment’

‘Stop putting all society’s problems on to schools’

SEND funding ‘is a ticking time bomb’

Why do teachers work more overtime than anyone else?

More schools drop LGBT rights classes

‘We’re not problems,’ say Send youngsters

School climate strikes: 1.4 million people took part, say campaigners

DfE reform could delay help for struggling schools by two years

While the UK government runs down schools, other countries pour money into theirs

Special educational needs: segregation is not the answer

Hungry, unwashed children fill our schools – how has it come to this?

An inspector calls. Again. But are they improving SEND provision?

‘Our children deserve better’: parents win right to judicial review of special needs spending

‘We’re not just SEND, we’re humans,’ pupils tell MPs

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