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Newsletter: 2 Weeks in Education – 4th February 2019

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School Exclusion and Youth Violence


| Schools: Admission, Exclusion and Governance |
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| Schools: Admission, Exclusion and Governance
Twitter updates:  #SchoolAdmission, #SchoolExclusion and #SchoolGovernance

Meet Bav Shah, a governor at Woodlands School in Nottingham

Agnew calls for debate on whether MAT chairs should be paid

MP: Switch PRU funding to mainstream schools to cut risk of violence

Measuring What You Value: Connecting governance and leadership to promote a positive culture in your organisation

The Office of the School Adjudicator (OSA) criticises grammar school admission policies

Vale of York Academy to cut pupil admission numbers

School Exclusions and Youth Violence
Delegated Legislation – in the House of Commons at 11:13 pm on 28th January 2019.

Vicky Foxcroft MP On The Overwhelming Link Between School Exclusion and Youth Violence

BBC Radio 4 interview: School Exclusions and Youth Violence

We cannot ignore the link between school exclusion and violent crime

Adjournment debate: Relationship between school exclusions and youth violence- Vicky Foxcroft

Backbench Business: Knife Crime — [Ms Karen Buck in the Chair] (24 Jan 2019)

New framework to support governors and trustees in ethical decision-making

 Heads ‘should challenge each other’ to end off-rolling

5 steps to reducing exclusions

This Cambridgeshire school is set to change its admissions policy and parents are furious

School moves to allay admission change fears

Impact Survey winner Patricia tells us how her school is putting their £1,000 prize money to good use

| DfE

DFE – Research and analysis: Securing Student Success: the regulatory framework: RPC Opinion

DFE – Press release: Gove kicks off Year of Green Action

DFE – Speech: Univerisities Minister sets vision for higher education

DFE – Guidance: Core maths qualifications: technical guidance

DFE – Guidance: EU exit: no deal preparations for schools in England

DFE – Correspondence: Steiner schools: Damian Hinds writes to Amanda Spielman

DFE – Guidance: Find, join or create a network for school business professionals

DFE – Policy paper: Evidence to the STRB: 2019 pay award for school staff

DFE – Press release: Damian Hinds announces drive to create more good school places

DFE – Press release: Shanghai maths exchange shows power of international partnership

DFE – Statutory guidance: Child death review: statutory and operational guidance (England)

DFE – Guidance: KS1 assessments data collection 2019: technical specification

DFE – Guidance: School performance: key stage 4 similar schools

DFE – News story: Education generates billions for UK economy

DFE – News story: Standards continue to rise in England’s schools

DFE Stats – National Statistics: Secondary school performance tables in England: 2018 (revised)

DFE – National Statistics: A level and other 16 to 18 results: 2017 to 2018 (revised)

DFE – Official Statistics: Destinations of KS4 and KS5 pupils: 2017

DFE – News story: Accelerated degrees approved by MPs

DFE – Press release: Damian Hinds: School leaders should ditch email culture to cut workload

DFE – Transparency data: The proportion of pupils in academies and free schools, in England, in October 2018

DFE – News story: Education Secretary calls on more schools to become an academy

DFE – Research and analysis: Sponsored academy performance

DFE – Speech: Secretary of State opens Education World Forum 2019

DFE – News story: £2.5 million to boost international exchanges for schools

DFE – News story: Review of UK university rating system launched

| Ofsted

Government ‘not supporting Ofsted on equalities’

Steiner academy plans legal challenge against damning Ofsted rating

84% of school leaders back Ofsted curriculum plans

Ofsted asks government to look closely at Steiner schools in England

Ofsted ‘requires improvement’ grade to replace floor and coasting standards

Ofsted to research how schools spend their money

Ofsted’s grade fixation fails pupils and teachers

| Ofqual

Ofqual – News story: Long-term plan for GCSE computer science confirmed

| Westminster

Education Committee – Ofsted Chief Inspector questioned on new draft education inspection framework

Sustainability of maintained nursery schools
Published Tuesday, January 29, 2019 | Commons Debate

Access to NHS Treatments for Children and Young People with Mental Health Problems
Published Friday, January 25, 2019 | Lords Briefing packs

Education Committee – Committee holds roundtable discussion on post-16 support

Backbench Business: Knife Crime — [Ms Karen Buck in the Chair] (24 Jan 2019)

PAC: 73rd Report – Academy Accounts and Performance

School inspections in England: Ofsted
Published Friday, January 18, 2019 | Commons Briefing

Off-rolling in English schools
Published Thursday, January 17, 2019 | Commons Briefing

| Education Unions

DfE teacher pay increase ‘derisory’

How will Ofsted evaluate how much a four-year-old knows?

NEU pay survey

DfE recommendation of 2% teacher pay cap for next year is disgraceful, says NAHT

NAHT submits evidence on teachers’ pay increases to the School Teachers’ Review Body

Free Schools

Have your views heard on the future of inspection
Our new Ofsted consultation guide sets out NAHT’s position for the key questions in the consultation to support you in your response.

Rona Tutt’s SEND summary (January 2019)

Teachers’ Pay: Joint Union Call for 5% Increase

Key stage four and key stage five destination data
Data on key stage four (KS4) and key stage five (KS5) students going into apprenticeship, education and employment destinations.

NAHT welcomes an end to floor and coasting standards

Performance Tables

New report will help school and college leaders navigate the educational moral maze

Secondary school performance tables are inherently flawed

Curriculum coherence

NAHT comments on Public Accounts Committee academies report

Police in the classroom: a new handbook for police and PSHE

Secondary performance tables, ready reckoners and guidance on accountability measures

New stats: GCSE, MAT and A level results 2017-18 (revised)

School funding still in crisis: regional school summits

Proactive approach needed to protect pupils and staff from asbestos in schools

BME teachers face racist abuse, Conference hears

Consultation of Members on School Funding

JUAC comment on the PAC’s ‘concerns’ about the Government’s approach to asbestos management in schools

DfE launches new national teacher vacancy service for schools

ASCL response to PAC report on academy accounts  > PAC

Leading schools in the 21st century

Teachers Working Longer report finally released

PAC report on academy failures and misuse of funding is a wake-up call to DfE  > PAC

PAC ‘seriously concerned’ about the Government’s approach to asbestos management in schools  > PAC

| News media

Victory for #LetThemTeach as DfE commits to teacher visa review

£1.7m to boost careers advice for disadvantaged

Education maintenance allowance made pupils ‘more likely to consider uni’

Coming to terms with your child’s hidden Special Educational Needs.

‘Grouping primary children by ability is indefensible’

‘The danger of labelling pupils as “working class”‘

Move to raise criminal age to 14 or 16 is rejected

Legal action prompts academy to consider isolation unit criticisms

As schools are forced to be academies, the will of the people means nothing

Teacher shortages: the trouble with data

How can children be traumatised just by going to school?

Lords approves two-year degree course plan

Exam results will no longer be used to define ‘failing’ schools

Ban school league tables. They’re not just misleading, they’re harmful

Teachers to be helped to job share to prevent classroom exodus

‘Bold and system-defining’: the new teacher recruitment strategy

Bursary reforms to reward teachers who stay

How our school paid tribute to Holocaust survivors

Gibb jeered over his defence of school funding

Tougher GCSEs widen gap between poorer and better-off pupils

Unconditional uni offers face clampdown

Secondary school tables – check your school here

Most schools can’t afford essential furniture and computers

Disadvantage gap widens and 6 other facts from today’s GCSE statistics

How do you know when your leadership decision is the right one?

Secondary school league tables: White children are least likely to achieve their potential by age 16

Why every school should have a girls’ football team

Does your head meet these new ethical standards?

Hinds ‘ignored’ plight of schools ‘at breaking point’

Comparing GCSE performance in England and Wales – equivalent or not?

Education of academy pupils harmed by trust failures

‘More BAME teachers needed to defeat prejudice’

State education is a Cinderella service and both the Tories and Labour are to blame

Music curriculum plans ‘deeply concerning’

‘All schools should be scrutinised in the way MATs are’

Agnew admits government ‘concerned’ about SEND tribunal costs

Multiple choice: Should schools fill key roles with volunteers?


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