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Ofsted: Speech on 21st century governance & survey

In his second monthly commentary Sir Michael Wilshaw looks at the role that governance plays in an increasingly autonomous education system.

Reporting: GuardianTelegraphTES  NGA response.

Sir Michael Wilshaw has also launched a call for evidence to inform this piece of work from anyone who has views and experience to contribute.

This thematic survey will explore in detail the issues I have raised in this commentary.

Specifically, it will:

  • examine whether governing boards have the right mix of professional skills and experience needed to perform their increasingly important role
  • assess whether the time has now arrived to make provision for paid governance
  • look at whether local authorities, Regional School Commissioners and others intervene early enough when problems with the governance of a school are spotted between Ofsted inspections
  • explore whether in an increasingly diverse system, the right structures are in place to support governors and trustees, and to deliver the training they need to hold schools to account
  • investigate the level of guidance and support governors receive for headship appointments
  • look at the extent to which governors are involved in succession planning for school leaders
  • look at whether external reviews of governance are an effective tool for improving standards
  • look at the role performed by National Leaders of Governance and whether there are enough of them to make a difference
  • examine some of the specific challenges facing governors of standalone academies
  • explore the relationship between multi-academy trusts and their local governing boards. Our survey will seek to determine the extent to which their respective roles are clearly defined and delineated

Governance is an issue that does not always get the attention that it merits. I hope this commentary and the survey that will follow will go some way to changing this. I look forward to hearing from serving governors and trustees, headteachers, teachers, parents and others whose view will help determine the way forward.

Source: https://www.gov.uk/government/speeches/hmcis-monthly-commentary-november-2015

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