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What We Do

Clerks Associates UK is the leading provider for independent management of school admissions appeals and exclusion reviews for schools and academies throughout England. Our holistic approach provides a seamless service with professional backroom staff to ensure the whole process runs smoothly. Our clerks and dedicated panel members are independent, trained and experienced.

Our service is tailor-made to suit individual needs of schools or Admission Authorities and Governing Bodies. Our core business is to manage the entire appeals process on behalf of admission authorities from start to finish. Our holistic approach provides a seamless service of trained, dedicated experienced professionals to ensure the whole process runs smoothly. You can also get professional advice from our qualified School Admissions Officer if you have any queries about your admissions arrangements.

With almost twenty years experience, we stand out because:

  • We understand what needs to be done to deliver our services successfully.
  • Our fees are competitive
  • We have the right infrastructure and staffing resources to meet your requirements
  • Customer satisfaction is at the heart of what we do as we believe this to be one of the fundamental basis of our success.

Learn more about our specialist services

Admissions Appeals

We can advise you on best practice for conducting admissions appeals

Exclusions Reviews

We provide the best support for managing exclusions reviews

School Governorship

Our clerks are excellently trained to conduct your school governors meeting

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