Exclusion Reviews

Independent Exclusion Review Hearings

Our full administrative services include the appointment of all independent panellists for the reviews, writing to appellants, copying and distributing all relevant materials, attending, clerking the hearing and preparation of decision letters. By fully managing your review process, we will enable you to spend more time on key educational business e.g. teaching, curriculum management and keeping up to date records for OFSTED inspection.

Document Management

Appointment of fully trained independent panellists

Pool of fully trained panellists

Producing and distributing decision letters

Advice on statutory regulations

Communicating with appellants


Pool of fully qualified SEN experts

Compliance with statutory guidance

How We Can Help You

Our Specialist Services

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With a wealth of collective  experience in education appeals and admissions, we are able to arrange and clerk hearings on your behalf ensuring the process runs smoothly.

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We are able to support governors in  their responsibilities, enabling them to operate effective and efficient governing bodies with a dedicated clerk.

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With over 20 years experience arranging and hosting Independent Review Panels we are commited to organising and clerking hearings efficiently.

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Working with you to present your case professionally we are best placed to help with your presentational needs.

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Our training courses are tailor made for your corporate and individual requirements.

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Our experienced education experts are able to provide assistance with a broad range of education services.