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Independent Panel Members

We maintain a high standard of training and seek to monitor feedback from our participants. Please see below for more details about what is on offer or you can download our recent training brochure. To attend our training events, please download the appropriate booking form.

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School Admissions and Appeals Training - London 28th November 2019 - Manchester 5th December 2019
Are You Compliant?
We are pleased to announce our highly awaited School Admissions and Admission Appeals training.

Book now and be fully prepared and compliant with current DfE statutory guidance.

Training content

  • Acquire highest competencies in undertaking Panel Hearings
  • Conduct Appeals with procedural rigor and best practice
  • Know Admissions Code & Appeals Code
  • Comply to Statutory Law
  • Develop Key Personal and Professional competencies
  • Self-Evaluation, Goal Setting and ongoing development
Growing Good Governance
Course Objectives

  • Supporting School/Academy Improvement – ‘impact on learning outcomes’
  • The changing face of Governance – ’emerging opportunities’
  • Undertaking self review – “How we could be more effective and more efficient”

We can also deliver a module on raising awareness of the National Leader of Governance programme which explains how this System Leadership approach supports schools and drives improvement within governing bodies including the latest national College initiatives to support schools designated as requiring improvement (formerly ‘satisfactory’ schools/academies).

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Independent Panel Member Training
Are your panel members trained and up to date?

Clerks Associates UK training will provide the necessary skills to enable participants to fully understand the law on admission appeals and exclusion reviews to enable them to apply the relevant law’s and to act impartially during the whole process. Clerks Associates UK can provide skilled trainers and consultants to run seminars for all admission authorities, new and existing Clerks, Chairs and panel members using Department of Education approved training materials.

All Admission Authorities must ensure that new panel members receive appropriate training before hearing appeals. Experienced panel members must keep abreast of relevant judicial rulings and guidance and should be given the opportunity or undertaking refresher training.

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School Admissions and Appeals Training
Course Objectives

We tailor our admissions and appeals training to suit independent appeals panel members, clerks, presenting officers, admission officers, Headteachers and governors with responsibility for school admissions. Delegates will:
Gain the essential tools, insight and expertise to fully understand the statute law, with up to date statutory guidance, and the various stages of the decision–making process for primary and secondary school admissions and appeals
Set compliant admission arrangements
Explore the impact of the admissions code on your school
Experienced expert admission officers, chairs of admission committees and appeal panel members will offer practical advice on how to:
follow the correct procedures e.g. manage consultation in line with guidance, draw up compliant policies and procedures, what to include in documentation, what information to provide for the appellants and how to prepare the prejudice statement.
Act impartially and ensure fairness
Have greater confidence in performing your role throughout the process.

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School Exclusion and Review Training

Course ObjectivesM

Delegates will:

  • Gain an overview on School Exclusions
  • Understand the role of the Principal/Head teacher
  • Understand the role of the Governing Body
  • Carry out investigations and the standards of proof/evidence/witnesses
  • Understand relevant legislations
  • At the hearing
  • The power of an Independent Review Panel (formerly Independent Appeals Panel)
  • SEN expert involvement in the exclusion process
  • Decision making process
  • The law of Natural justice

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Our Training is recognised by The CPD Standards Office